WHITEPAPER — TRIPLX.Finance ($XXX) — Deflationary DEFI Token (Updated 05.11.2020)

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What is TRIPLX ($XXX)?

Welcome to TRIPLX. Deflationary tokens have always been in the Crypto-Sphere, due to the fast exponential value of growth possible by reducing circulating supply. The goal is to create a long lasting pump by just holding the tokes for as long a possible.

At its core, TRIPLX consists of a deflationary token where 4% of the total transaction amount burns after every transaction. What results in a higher slippage when buying and selling on Uniswap.
Example: Min. Slippage is 4.1% what is equal to 0.1%.

At its foundation, a staged burn function that will burn 2% - 10% of every transaction is coded into our token smart contract. You find details below. In that way we burn automatically whenever a user conducts a deal and create an increasing demand .


Total Supply: 50000 TRIPLX ($XXX)

Staged Burn on every transaction:
50000–48000 Burn 2%
47999–46000 Burn 4%
45999–44000 Burn 6%
43999–42000 Burn 8%
41999–0.000000000000001 Burn 10%

Token Distribution:

Total Supply: 50000 TRIPLX ($XXX)
Presale Supply 30000 1 ETH = 200 Tokens
10000 Tokens for Liquidity (Locked with UniCrypt)
5000 Development Tokens (Locked with TrustSwap and planned for Staking, Farming, NFT, Contests, Marketing, Listings and/or what our lovely community decides to go for)

Pre-Sale & Uniswap Listing (Coming Soon)

Duration: 3 days ( To be announced 3 days before presale starts )

Pre-Sale Cap: 150 ETH
Pre-Sale Tokens Supply: 30000 TRIPLX ($XXX)
Pre-Sale Price: 1 ETH = 200 TRIPLX ($XXX)

Initial Liquidity: 15000 TRIPLX ($XXX)/100ETH
Uniswap Listing Price: 1 ETH = 150 TRIPLX ($XXX)
Liquidity Lock: 100% will be locked for 12 months

Uniswap listing will happen immediately after Pre-Sale is completed and 150ETH was raised.

(These dates may be subject to change if soft cap is not reached, and another funding raising round has to be initiated)

To avoid huge bot buys measurements will be implemented.


Q3 2020

· Initial Project Planning & Research

Q4 2020

· Whitepaper Release (DONE)
· Main Contract Development
· Website V1 Launch
· Pre-Sale Announcement
· Pre-Sale (3 days)
· Uniswap launch immediately after Pre-Sale when cap of 150ETH is reached.
· LiveCoinWatch, Coingecko, CoinMarketCap Listings when we match the requirements
· Blockfolio/Delta Listing
· Team / Marketing Tokens used (Development + Twitter, Telegram, Unibot Campaigns + Influencer Shills)


At TRIPLX’s outset, we didn’t intend to be an unidentified unit as our philosophy has at all times been about trust and transparency in the crypto market. Unfortunately, regulations surrounding the Decentralized Finance space are not yet evident in all jurisdictions, which has prompted us to seek legal opinions on how we can safely reveal our identities. Making our identities known is essential for the community and vital for us. It would give us a further advantage over several of our competitors when doing business with exchanges and new partnerships, but all jurisdictions in the space don’t allow us to act accordingly.


Telegram Announcement Channel

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Professional Trader, Private Investor, Business Angel with MBA in Business Development and Crypto Evangelist

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